International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition
20th Tampere Guitar Festival 4-9 June 2024

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International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition

What is it?
It’s a new way of doing an accessible online music competition. Leading guitar festivals from Spain and Finland put the ideas together and are now collaborating by connecting their competitions. Guitar Competition Jose Tomas – Villa Petrer and Classical Guitar Competition of Finland will organise a new online competition during fall 2020. Apply during July 15th - August 9th 2020. The competition has three rounds and the finals are held on November 8th 2020.


Now everyone through the world can apply to these two competitions with one application. Process is one but prizes are double – it’s even possible to win both competitions with only one registration fee and clear the table. Or what do you think of winning a concert tour in Southern America and Spain, getting a cash prize and recording contract, and becoming an EuroStrings Artist 2021? The EuroStrings project will take the winners to an European tour consisting of concerts, master classes and teaching. The year will be highlighted by a competition between 19 EuroStrings winners – one will receive even more impressive prizes.

Due to corona restrictions all rounds are made through videos prepared in advance, so you can basically attend from where ever. Video format is used to ensure good sound and video quality without any possible connection issues. Online competition also makes the competition both economically and physically more accessible. 

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