Tampere Guitar Festival, Finland
20th Tampere Guitar Festival 4-9 June 2024


Founded by the then artistic director of Tampere guitar society Tomi Tolvanen, the Tampere Guitar Festival has grown since its modest beginnings in 2005. At its time of conception the festival effectively consisted of a one week long master class, with its feature attraction being that of a classical guitar concert performed in Laukaa. It was however in 2006, endorsed by the Tampere guitar society that concerts and master classes began to be organized at the now familiar Voionmaa Institute. These formative years were spent avidly organizing the event and it was from these efforts that the festival began to thrive, so much so that in 2007 the Tampere Guitar Festival supporting society was established, to effectually manage the festival from that point onwards. It was at this juncture that concerts, events, lessons and essentially the amount of participants along with the reputation of the festival began to flourish. Throughout its ten year history almost every significant classical guitarist has performed at the festival, leading it to broaden its scope into welcoming many other disciplines and styles, whilst still retaining acoustic guitar music as its primary focus.

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