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Classical Guitar Competition of Finland

IMPORTANT NOTICE: International Classical Guitar of Finland has been cancelled

Tampere Guitar Festival (TGF) decided to cancel no age limit category of The Classical Guitar Competition of Finland due to corona virus. At the same time Youth category has been restricted to be a national competition. The actual Tampere Guitar Festival and Youth category are scheduled for June 3-7 and are not cancelled yet.

TGF will monitor the development of corona virus and the restrictions it will cause. If possible, the no age category competition will be organized later on year 2020. All applicants have been accepted for Round 1 and the registration will be re-opened after everything will get back to normal.


The 3rd International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland will be held on June 4th - 6th 2020 in Tampere, Finland. It is organized by Tampere Guitar Festival. It has both Youth and No age limit categories.

Youth Category | June 4th-6th 2020

  • Group 1: 12 years and younger (Thu June 4th)
  • Group 2: 13-15 years (Fri June 5th)
  • Group 3: 16-20 years (Sat June 6th)

The Group is selected by the age on June 3rd 2020.

Read more about Youth category

No age limit Category | June 4th-6th 2020

Read more about No age limit category

Guitar courses | June 4th-6th 2020

In addtion to the competition there are also guitar courses, which are open for all participants and competitors. Especially the participants of the Youth category are encouraged to stay over during all competition days and join us also for guitar lessons, lectures, chamber music and concerts.

Read more about guitar courses

Tulokset | Results

Tulokset julkistetaan kunkin kilpailupäivän iltaan mennessä. | The results will be announced by the evening of each category.

Nuorten sarja | Youth Category

  • Ryhmä 1 | Group 1
  • Ryhmä 2 | Group 2
  • Ryhmä 3 | Group 3

Ikärajaton sarja | No age limit Category

  • Round 2
  • Semifinal
  • Final


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