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2 in 1 Online Competition 2.0


  • Apply & get in (check out also our scholarships)

  • Make video(s)

  • Win the competition, or two

This is a new accessible way to attend a competition from wherever you are. You only pay 1 registration fee and attend 2 competitions – you may also get a scholarship for free attendance. And the best of all: with one registration fee and using the same videos, you may win two competitions!

The No age limit category of the guitar competition 2021 will be organised for the 2nd time together with Spain. The name of this shared event is The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition 2.0. By applying to the competition you will attend to 2 international competitions, The 4th International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland and the Spanish José Tomás Villa de Petrer International Guitar Competition - XX anniversary, which are held together as an online video competition.

To help with the financial issues in the field of culture, we have launched a Scholarship round to share scholarships to the guitar players around the world. You may either attend this Scholarship round or apply directly to Round 1 of the competition, or both if needed.

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Program & Dates

Scholarship for 2 in 1 Online Competition (June 1-13, 2021)

  • Duration 7-10 mins (total duration of the video)
  • Free choice program 2 pieces, or part of it, from 2 different composers (also one own composition is admitted)
  • Watch the videos here

Read the instructions for Scholarship round

Round 1 (August 1-7, 2021)

  • As in the previous round for Scholarships
  • The same program and/or video as in Scholarship Round can be used
  • Watch the videos here

Read the instructions for Round 1

Semifinal (September 18, 2021)

  • Max. 20 competitors per competition
  • Duration 12-15 mins (total duration of the video)
  • Obligatory piece by Leo Brouwer: Motivos de Son No. 1 (commissioned by TGF and Petrer Festival) – duration 2-3 mins. Download the sheet music from Ediciones Espiral Eterna – normal price 10 €, special price 8 € with code: petrer
  • Other program is free choice (different from previous round) and must be from at least 2 different periods

Schedule of Semifinal (time zone of Finland, CET+1, UTC+3)

11:00 Set 1/6 for Finland

1. Conde, Juan Pablo, Spain
2. De Conno, Federico, Italy
3. Salvatori, Simone, Italy
4. Nguyen, Minh, Vietnam

12:30 Set 2/6 for Finland
5. Santisteban, Ana, Spain
6. Venegas Godoy, Nicolas Salvador, Chile

14:00 Set 3/6 for Finland & Spain
7. Bedoya, Carlos, Colombia
8. Delgado, Samuel, Spain
9. Golubov, Rostislav, Ukraine
10. Höfig, Malte, Germany
11. Kapor, Ema, Serbia
12. Kentala, Otto, Finland

16:00 Set 4/6 for Finland & Spain
13. Leighton, Mark, United Kingdom
14. Lochery, Michael, United Kingdom
15. Madeira, Bruno, Brazil
16. Saito, Yuki, Japan
17. Smolarek, Katarzyna, Poland
18. Vitale, Pasquale, Italy

18:30 Set 5/6 for Spain
19. Accadia, Giovanni, Italy
20. Barraza Diaz, Misael, Mexico
21. Bizot, Paul, France
22. Cvetkovic, Luka, Serbia

20:00 Set 6/6 for Spain
23. Encabo, Ane, Spain
24. Iordache, Ana Maria, Romania
25. Liu, Shenghao, China

Join the semifinal concerts here

Read the instructions for Semifinal

Final (October 31, 2021)

  • Max. 4 competitors per competition
  • Duration 25-30 mins (total duration of the video)
  • Free choice program from at least 2 different periods. Program must be different from previous rounds.

Schedule of Final – time zone of Finland, Winter time (CET+1, UTC+2)

15:00 Set 1/2

  • Player 1/5: Bruno Madeira (Brazil) for final of Finland
  • Player 2/5 Ema Kapor (Serbia) for Final of Finland & Spain

16:30 Set 2/2

  • Player 3/5: Pasquale Vitale (Italy) for Final of Finland & Spain
  • Player 4/5: Katarzyna Smolarek (Poland) for Final of Finland & Spain
  • Player 5/5: Otto Kentala (Finland) for final of Spain

Join the final concerts here

Read the instructions for Final

> Read the instructions for all rounds on one page <

Schedule of 2 in 1 Online Competition 2021

Important notice for all competitors

  • When making the video(s), please read carefully the rules and prepare everything according to the instructions.
  • The organisers will not comment or give any guidance of and for the videos in advance or during the competition. All the info is written into the rules.
  • The juries will judge the videos according to the rules including such things as duration of the video, there is a speech indicating that the video is dedicated for this particular competition and the video is unedited and is from one continuous take. Please remember that this is just a notice – read carefully all the details from the rules and instructions.
  • Please make sure that the video has no likes before August 1st in order to compete for the Favourite Artist of the audience. If you use the same video from the scholarship round, it must be uploaded again to reset the counter.

Join, chat and share in Facebook

Join the Facebook group and events of the competition. Thats the best place for questions and the latest info. Also all the results will be shared there in real time.

Requirements & Tips for video recording

> Download PDF of video requirements <


1. Together from Finland and Spain:

Scholarship round Prizes

  • 10 scholarships (free registration for the actual competition)
  • 1 extra scholarship for the Favourite Video of the audience (the most liked video on YouTube)

Round 1 Prizes

  • The Favourite Video of the audience (the most liked video on YouTube): refund of 50 % of registration fee and 50 % off from a master class at festivals of Petrer and Tampere in 2022.

Semifinal Prizes

  • The Favourite Semifinalist of the audience (most likes in Facebook voting): refund of 75 % of registration fee and 75 % off from a master class at festivals of Petrer and Tampere in 2022.
  • Leo Brouwer Special Prize for the best interpretation of the obligatory work by Leo Brouwer: Knobloch Strings for one year (13 sets with preferred tension)

Final Prizes

  • The Favourite Artist of the audience (most likes in Facebook voting): refund of 100 % of registration fee and a free master class at festivals of Petrer and Tampere in 2022.

2. From Final of Finland:


  • 2 000 € (tax free)
  • D'Addario Winner's Gift Pack
  • 2 Concerts (Value: 2 000€)
    • Spain at 25th Festival de Guitarra José Tomás Villa de Petrer 2022 (800 € fee + max. 200 € for transportation + accommodation)
    • Concert in Finland at 18th Tampere Guitar Festival 2022 (800 € fee + max. 200 € for transportation + accommodation)


  • 800 € (tax free)


  • 500 € (tax free)

Additional prizes and awards for Final of Finland

  • RC Strings Gift Bag for all the finalists
  • Recording contract with Alba Records. The company has right to give the recording contract to any or none of the Finalists.

3. From Final of Spain


  • 1 000 € cash
  • 8 Concerts (value: 6 000 €)
  • CD recording in Spain


  • 500 € cash
  • 2 concerts in Spain (Value: 1 350 €)


  • 300 € cash
  • 1 concert in Spain (Value: 700 €)

Additional prizes for Final of Spain

  • RC Strings and Savarez Gift Bags for all the finalists

> Read the details, all concerts with terms and the latest updates of the prize list of Spain here <

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