Tampere Guitar Festival 3.-11.6.2017



The 1st International Classical Guitar Competition was successful. It had 20 competitors from 10 countries and 4 continents. Competitors: Jonne Grans (FIN), Jose Casallas (COL), Agni-Sandia Hallik (EST), Taavi Kiviranta (FIN), Joona Lintunen (FIN), Dóra Cserenyec (HUN), Leo Sörlin (SWE), Kasperi Leponiemi (FIN), Tuomo Kupari (FIN), Yonatan Garmider (ISR), Santeri Rautiainen (FIN), Johannes Ali-Sisto (FIN), Campbell Diamond (AUS), Misael Barraza-Diaz (MEX), Ben Malinowski (SCO), Teuvo Taimioja (FIN), Aukusti Arjas (FIN), Otto Kentala (FIN), Henrik Holmström (FIN) and Taiki Matsumoto (JAP). 

The winner of the 1st Guitar Competition of Finland is Misael Barraza-Diaz from Mexico. He won a concert guitar worth of 7 000 € made by Finnish luthier Keijo Korelin. The winner received also 2 000 € Majaoja Prize, concert tour as Young Star artists in European guitar festivals and permission to participate in EuroStrings competition in London next year. Winner of that will get a concert tour in China and US + 5 000 € cash prize. Barraza-Diaz will also perform in Finland in 2019 in his award concert.

The 2nd place was split between Australian Campbell Diamond and Finnish Otto Kentala. 3rd place was given for Hungarian Dora Cserenyec. All competitors received a gift back from D’Addario, Augustine and RC Strings. Leo Brouwer Special Award for the best interpretation of music by Brouwer was given to Campbell Diamond. The favourite artist of the audience was Finnish guitarit Otto Kentala. He won a concert guitar worth of 5 000 € made by Altamira Guitars. Junior Jury voted for their favorite competitors from Round 1. Ostinato Sheet Music Shop gift cards went to: 1st Prize: Misael Barraza-Diaz, 2nd Prize Dora Cserenyec and 3rd Price Taiki Matsumoto, Japan.

The main partners of the competition were Majaoja Foundation, City of Tampere and Tampere Music Academy. The head of the jury was Finnish producer and guitarist Seppo Siirala. Other members of the jury were  Marco Tamayo (Cuba), Anabel Montesinos (Spain), Andrzej Wilkus (Sibelius Academy, Finland) and Timo Ruottinen (Alba Records, Finland). The honorary member of the jury was Cuban legend Leo Brouwer. The main partners of the whole festival are City of Tampere and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.