Tampere Guitar Festival 4.-12.6.2016

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9-10 june 2017 • off club @ telakka

TGF:n OFFclub @ Reataurant Telakka gathers again together all the festival goers and music lovers to enjoy of good music and company. Tickets are recommended to get in advance since the capacity of the venue is limited. OFFclubs are included to Concert Pass and VIP Pass if the  venue is not sold out.

This concert is included in the Concert Pass This concert is included in the VIP Pass

FRI 9 june 2017 • restaurant TELAKKA

Atmos Duo (FIN)

Petri Ahjokoski • jazz guitar
Anu Ahjokoski • 5-string bass

Showtime 22.00

Atmos Duo

Genre: jazz

Atmos Duo is an intimate énsemble performing sophisticated instrumental music. Its´ performances have been praised for being concert level listening experiences where both voices are equally featured in an engaging musical conversation. Their style is based on jazz standards and their repertoire has also included cinematic- and TV-themes, pop, latin/bossa nova, classical, rock and blues. In concert Atmos Duo performs primarily original compositions by Anu and Petri Ahjokoski that draw inspiration from the above mentioned styles.

Atmos Duo has been making music since 1990. What started as joint learning and experimental sessions, became over time a musical collaboration that continues to this day. Based in Tampere, Finland, since 1997, Atmos Duo has played everything from intimate private parties through public events, big and small, to high profile corporate and government functions. They have performed in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Holland, U.K., Russia and U.S.A.


Tjango! (FIN)

Tero Hyväluoma • violin
Antti Leinonen • accordeon
Otto Tolonen • acoustic guitar
Tarmo Anttila • double bass

Showtime 23.30


Genre: swing, folk

The story of Tjango! began in 2010, when three classical music professionals started to play the swing of Django Reinhardt and the tango of Astor Piazzolla. Later on, they moved on to create their own musical style, a mixture of gypsy jazz and Latin American rhythms combined with songful folk music-like melodies.

Their debut album “Tjango!” (2014) consisted solely of originals written by the band members. In addition to the band’s musical roots in the gypsy and Latin American tradition, the album contains influences from bluegrass music along with echoes of Finnish and Irish popular tunes.

Tjango! regrouped in early 2016, when fiddler Tero Hyväluoma and double-bassist Tarmo Anttila joined founding members accordionist Antti Leinonen and guitarist Otto Tolonen.


SAT 10 june 2017 • restaurant TELAKKA 

J-P Piirainen (FIN)

Showtime 22.00

J-P Piirainen

Genre: fingerstyle, folk, Nordic Guitar Music

J-P Piirainen is a young and talented solo guitarist and folkmusician from Joensuu, Finland. His two passions, guitar music and skandinavian folkmusic, has led him to explore different styles of playing guitar. These styles are combined with Nordic folkmusic, creating a totally new, groovy and interesting style of guitar music. Playing both his own compositions and traditional nordic tunes, he brings a new twist to not only Nordic folk music, but also the world of guitar music.

Born in Joensuu, North-Karelia Finland, he was introduced to music at a very early age. After numerous experiments with instruments he found acoustic guitar and started classical guitar studies in Joensuu conservatory. At the same time he was introduced to finnish folk music via a folk dance group he joined. Eventually he was consumed by folk music and he began his folk music studies in 2006. He also found the world of acoustic guitar music around that time via music of Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Petteri Sariola, Don Ross and many other acoustic guitar players. Folk music and guitar music became his passion and obsession. In 2009 he got in to Sibelius-Academy, Finland’s only music university, to study folk music and has developed his unique playing style ever since. His playing style combines different kinds of fingerstyle techniques like flamenco, Celtic fingerstyle and American fingerpicking. These combined with the Nordic folk music tradition creates a whole new genre to folk and guitar music. His debut album ”First Steps” was released in 2014 and reception has been phenomenal! One of his tunes was published in acoustic magazine (UK).


Joonas Widenius Trio (FIN)

Joonas Widenius • flamenco guitar
Hannu Rantanen • bass
Karo Sampela • drums, udu, pandeiro

Showtime 23.30

Joonas Widenius Trio

Genre: flamenco, arktik traktor

This trio is a konspirazy of world and jazz music. It combines finnish and jazz traditions with rock and even flamenco. Karo Sampela (ES) brings the Andaluzian groove, Hannu Rantanen (FI) colors it with the bass-line based on jazz and finnish folklore and Joonas Widenius (FI) offers the guitar lines and new compositions you haven’t heard before. Their music is like an Arktik Traktor with no borders! Let’s call it European music with an attitude and slogan »There should be no borders or limits nowhere!« Just keep traktor rollin’.