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International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland

Rules & terms

The 1st International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland will be held on June 6th - 9th 2018 in Tampere, Finland and is organized by Tampere Guitar Festival. This first competition is dedicated to Cuban composer, conductor and classical guitarist Leo Brouwer.

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Latest update: February 14th, 2018

1. Application procedure

1.1. Eligible applicants

The competition is open for all professional classical guitar players and students of music schools, higher musical educational institutions and universities from all countries. The competition does not have an age limit.

1.2. Applying

Application must be sent by using the official application form that can be found from the website www.tgf.fi. The application time is from February 15th to May 20th 2018. Applications sent after May 20th or using any other method than the application form will be rejected.

1.3. Required documents

• Print quality photo for media (jpg, tiff or pdf), link or upload
• Short biography with details such as prizes received from competitions, current/previous studies, performances etc.

1.4 Number of competitors

The number of competitors is limited to 20. Eligible competitors will be selected in the order of enrolment. Confirmed competitors will be published at the website www.tgf.fi. All applicants will also be contacted personally. The Board of the competition also has an option to choose more than 20 competitors to the competition.

1.5 Confirming the participation

An invoice of 100 € registration fee will be sent to all competitors. The applicant must confirm the participation by paying the invoice by the due date. If any cancellations occur, the Board will contact new applicant(s). If the competitor cancels the participation, the registration fee will not be refunded.

2. Competition procedure

2.1 Program

All music must be played by heart except the obligatory work by Leo Brouwer.

Round 1 (max 20 mins)

1. A transcription of a work / a part of work written before 1750
2. A classical or romantic work (including the Segovia repertoire) written originally for guitar
3. Free choice program (optional)

Final (max 30 min)

1. Free choice program (different from Round 1)
2. Obligatory program: a work or a part of work for solo guitar by Leo Brouwer from the list below (accepted edition: Ediciones Espiral Eterna)

• 2000 Viaje a la semilla para guitarra
• 2001 Nuevos Estudios Sencillos para guitarra (diez)
• 2004 La ciudad de las columnas para guitarra
• 2005 El arpa y la sombra para guitarra
• 2007 Paisaje cubano con fiesta para guitarra
• Sonata del caminante Nº2 para guitarra
• Variaciones sobre un tema de Victor Jara para guitarra
• Cantilena de los bosques para guitarra
• 2012-14 Danzas Rituales y Festivas Vol. 1 para guitarra (Danza de los Altos Cerros, Habanera Trunca y Guajira)
• 2012 Sonata del Decamerón Negro Nº3 para guitarra
• 2013 Preludio de las campanas para guitarra
• Sonata Ars Combinatoria Nº 5 para guitarra
• Sonata del pensador Nº 4 para guitarra
• 2015 Danzas rituales y festivas para guitarra. Vol. 2 (Danza de los ancestros / Glosas Camperas / Tango matrero)
• 2017 Danzas rituales y Festivas para guitarra. Vol. 3 (Danza de los bosques)

2.2. Opening ceremony

The official opening ceremony will take place on June 6th. All competitors must participate in the ceremony and be prepared to be presented on stage for media and photos. At the ceremony there will be a lottery to set the order of performances for the Round 1.

2.3  Finalists

Maximum of four (4) finalists will be chosen for the Final. The names will be announced on June 7th at the concert of the day. All competitors are expected to be present at this occasion. A committee of Junior Jury will award three (3) competitors from Round 1.

2.4  Award gala

The winner will be announced on June 9th at the concert of the day. All finalists are invited to the stage for the results and to receive the main and the additional prizes.

3. Prizes

3.1 Prize list

All prizes are announced at the website.

3.2 Winner’s performance

The winner is invited to perform at TGF After Party on Sunday 10th of June 2018 without a separate fee.

3.3 Terms for awarded competitors

All the finalists are requested to mention at least in their CV’s and websites that they were finalists in this competition and all possible prizes given to them. The winner is expected to gain publicity for winning the competition in all possible ways, such as sending press releases, sharing the news in social media channels and distributing the highlights of the possible recordings of the competition.

4. Copyright

The organizer may record all the performances and broadcast them live. All the rights belong to the organizer and recordings may be used in any form or manner in the future. Competitors are not entitled to any fees neither for performing at the competition nor for any further use of the records of these performances and their broadcast.

5. Jury

5.1. The Jury of the competition will choose the finalists from the Round 1 and eventually the winner of the competition. The Jury is presented at the website www.tgf.fi.

5.2 The Jury will evaluate the competitors on musicianship, technique, stage presentation and programming.

5.3 The Jury has the right to divide the awards among the participants of the Final, as well as not to award any of the prizes.

5.4 The Jury has the right to stop the performance if the player has exceeded the time limit of the Round 1 or Final specified in the conditions. The time countdown starts at the moment when the competitor sits on the chair. All pauses are included into the timing. Stopping of the performance of a competitor who has exceeded the time limit is no reason for disqualification.

5.5 The Jury has the right to request competitors to provide the music sheets of any of the pieces performed at the competition.

5.6 Decisions made by the Jury are final and not subject to reconsideration.

6. Other terms

6.1 The winner (1st prize) of this competition is not eligible to participate in the following editions of this competition.

6.2 The organizer will not be responsible for the competitors’ instruments or personal property.

6.3 The organizer has the right to clarify details of the rules and has the final call at all possible misunderstandings and interpretations of the rules.

6.4 By applying to the competition, the participant accepts all terms of the competition.


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