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AfterMovie of TGF 2018

See the AfterMovie of 14th Tampere Guitar Festival 2018. Sound track by Al Di Meola (live at TGF 2014).

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Survey & free Festival Pass

Please give us your comments on the 14th Tampere Guitar Festval by answering this survey. Lets make the great festival even better together. Lucky one will win Festival Pass for TGF 2019.

The results of the 1st Classical Guitar Competition of Finland

The winner of the 1st Guitar Competition of Finland is Misael Barraza-Diaz from Mexico. He won a concert guitar worth of 7 000 € made by Finnish luthier Keijo Korelin, who explores new options to use Finnish woods as subsitutes to tropical woods. 2 of the finalists played with guitars made by Korelin. The winner received also 2 000 € Majaoja Prize, concert tour as Young Star artists in European guitar festivals and permission to participate in EuroStrings competition in London next year. Winner of that will get a concert tour in China and US + 5 000 € cash prize. Barraza-Diaz will also perform in Finland in 2019 in his award concert.

The 2nd place was split between Australian Campbell Diamond and Finnish Otto Kentala. 3rd place was given for Hungarian Dora Cserenyec. All competitors received a gift back from D’Addario, Augustine and RC Strings. Leo Brouwer Special Award for the best interpretation of music by Brouwer was given to Campbell Diamond. The favourite artist of the audience was Finnish guitarit Otto Kentala. He won a concert guitar worth of 5 000 € made by Altamira Guitars. Junior Jury voted for their favorite competitors from Round 1. Ostinato Sheet Music Shop gift cards went to: 1st Prize: Misael Barraza-Diaz, 2nd Prize Dora Cserenyec and 3rd Price Taiki Matsumoto, Japan.

The main partners of the competition were Majaoja Foundation, City of Tampere and Tampere Music Academy. The head of the jury was Finnish producer and guitarist Seppo Siirala. Other members of the jury were Marco Tamayo (Cuba), Anabel Montesinos (Spain), Andrzej Wilkus (Sibelius Academy, Finland) and Timo Ruottinen (Alba Records, Finland). The honorary member of the jury was Cuban legend Leo Brouwer. The main partners of the whole festival are City of Tampere and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Schedule and program of Guitar Competition

Have a look at the schedule and program of Guitar Competition Round 1 from here

TGF Lounge

The official meeting of TGF is TGF Lounge at Tampere Music Academy. Special lunch package is available for all festival guests and orchestra players for 35 € (5 x lunch at the restaurant of Lounge. Luch tickets are available from TGF info located in TGF lounge.

Opening hours:

• Mon 4.6. @ 10-19 | Cafe 9-18 | Lunch 11-15
• Tue 5.6. @ 14-21 | Cafe 9-20 | Lunch 11-15
• Wed 6.6. @ 9-21 | Cafe 9-20 | Lunch 11-15
• Thu 7.6. @ 9-17 | Cafe 9-15.30 | Lunch 12-15
• Fri 8.6. @ 9-21 | Cafe 12-20 | Lunch 12-15
• Sat 9.6. @ 10-17 | Cafe 10-16.30 | Lunch 12-15

Play with the maestro Leo Brouwer

This year classical guitarists have an unique opportunity to play along with legendary Cuban composer Leo Brouwer. He will rehearse and conduct The International Guitar Orchestra of Finland at 14th Tampere Guitar Festival in June 2018. Soloists of the orchestra will be Marco Tamayo and Anabel Montesinos.

We warmly welcome all classical guitar professionals, students and advanced players to play in the orchestra. For the participants we provide all the festival concerts for free. Please see the schedule, listen to the works and register for the orchestra at our website. Parts are now available – you will get your parts soon after your registration. We will also assist in finding a suitable accommodation for you.

• Concerto Grosso (2017) for guitar orchestra (European premiere)
• Concierto de Tricastin (2008) for 2 guitar soloists and guitar orchestra (Finnish premiere)

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New classical guitar competition in Finland

[18 Feb 2018] The very first International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland will take place in Tampere on June 6-9, 2018. The competition of 2018, as well as the whole TGF 2018, is dedicated for Cuban composer, conductor and guitarist Leo Brouwer.

The competition is organized by Tampere Guitar Festival in association with Tampere Conservatoire, Tampere Music Academy, Luthier Keijo Korelin, Ostinato, Ediciones Espiral Eterna, Alba Records and EuroStrings. Registratiton is open from Feb 15th to May 20th. The competitiors are selected in the order of applying to the competition.

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Interview of Festival Director Tomi Tolvanen

[May 30, 2017] From 3 June until 11 June 2017, hundreds of people will be attending the annual Tampere Guitar Festival, filling the city with sweet melodies now for 13th time. Catering to various music tastes, the Tampere Guitar Festival is raising the bar with an impressive line-up of world-class performances this summer. The year 2017 is also the 100th anniversary of independent Finland.

“This is the thirteenth festival we’ve organised, and renowned international artists attend each year,” says Tomi Tolvanen, founder and director of the event. This year’s star performers include Yamandu Costa, the renowned Brazilian guitarist, as well as Sinfonity - Electric Guitar Symphony Orchestra. “Yamandu Costa is one of the world’s leading musicians specialising in Brazilian choro-music, and he is attending our festival for a second time. Sinfonity, the Spanish electric guitar orchestra, consists of ten guitar virtuosos, who play everything from Bach and Holst to Vivaldi in a spectacle-like performance. Although the festival focuses mostly on acoustic guitar music, we have diversified in recent years to offer a variety of amazing music performances,” Tolvanen explains.

As well as concerts, there are also a number of guitar courses and workshops available to those interested. In addition, the Tampere Guitar Festival organises cruises on the Pyhäjärvi lake. The so-called Midnight Sun Guitar Cruise features various performances, as well as dinner and drinks on the picturesque Finnish lakeside. “The surrounding nature is breathtakingly beautiful, and we’re lucky to be near such a stunning setting,” Tolvanen says, “Tampere is within easy reach of other big Finnish cities, and it’s a perfect location for a one or two-day stopover. There’s plenty to see here, and the lakeside offers the ideal introduction to Finland’s nature – and an opportunity to enjoy the nightless night, when the sun doesn’t set below the horizon during the summer months.”

The Tampere Guitar Show is a two-day sales exhibition that runs alongside the main festival event at Tampere Hall. “The Tampere Guitar Show is an ideal opportunity for music lovers, students and guitar professionals, to mingle with guitar makers and enthusiast’s – and test out the handmade instruments,” Tolvanen states. “We offer a wide selection of interesting music experiences to everyone visiting. The festival is not exclusive to guitar-players: everyone who enjoys good music and great atmosphere is welcome. The beautiful surroundings come as a bonus and the festival is well worth a visit,” Tolvanen concludes.

Show & Dinner packages

[May 29, 2017] Welcome to enjoy of Tampere Guitar Festival with exclusive Show & Dinner packages! These are available for the concerts at Tampere Hall on June 9-10, 2017.

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Midnight Sun Guitar Cruise

[May 28, 2017] Have you ever seen the Midnight Sun while floating on a lake? Now you have a perfect chance to do it together with Welsh Tornado Gareth Pearson, who will play fingerstyle guitar during the cruise. Also dinner is included.

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