Tampere Guitar Festival 4.-12.6.2016

Tampere Guitar Show
Tampere Guitar Show is visible, tangible, audible and odorous!


Tampere Guitar Show 2017 will be organised at Tampere Hall from Friday until Saturday June 9 - 10. Guitar Show takes place simultanously at the same venue as the main concerts of the festival. Audience consists of music lovers, students and professionals.


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VIP tickets, meals, accommodation

Offer your partners an invitation to the concerts in Tampere Hall. Exhibitors may enter the concerts for free if there are free seats. With exhibitor pass you may use the services of staff's restaurant (2nd floor) at your own cost. You can accommodate conveniently in our  partner hotels


Tomi Tolvanen, Festival Director
Tel: +358 (0)44 5633 949
E-mail: tomi (at) tgf.fi