Tampere Guitar Festival 4.-12.6.2016


Welcome to Tampere Guitar Festival! Please follow the instructions of the registration form. It will take from 5 to 10 minutes to registrate. You cannot save the form so you must complete the process in one session.

How to registrate

1. Fill in the correct form
• Childrens Day Camp
• Guitar & chamber music camp
• Master classes

2. Send the form, you will receive a confirmation message to your email

3. Payment
a) If you have no special requests, please pay right after the registration using CHECKOUT service. Master classes will be paid via TGF HOLVI service (you will receive the link after your registration) 

b) If you have any changes or requests (such as no accommodation, participating with a group or double lessons), please send the form but DO NOT PAY via Checkout. We will send you a separate invoice.


Tomi Tolvanen
+358 44 5633 949
tomi @ tgf.fi